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A Saudi Family based primarily in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has a young adult member with special educational and developmental needs. The Family employs a number of local and external staff that provide a comprehensive, coordinated range of educational, occupational, speech and other specialized services as well as general support services, care and therapies. This integrate program is designed to improve the functionality and quality of life for this Person in all basic life skills including communications, self-care, leisure and recreation activities, and formal and informal learning skills. In addition to the full-time staff, the Family avails, on a periodic basis, the professional services of various outside resources provided by independent practitioners or by specialized centers. The Family's Health Services Administrator ("HSA") will play a vital and facilitating role in the overall supervision and coordination of this specialized care and treatment program.

General Role and Responsibility
The general role and responsibility of the HSA will be to assist and support the Family and the
caregiver team by ensuring the optimal organization, coordination and administration of the elements of this Person's care and treatment program. The HSA will become knowledgeable about the technological, clinical and therapeutic fundamentals of the ASD field; about the specific goals, objectives and methodologies of the Person's program; and about the background, role, responsibilities and general capabilities of each caregiver team member. The HSA will oversee the administration, management and coordination of non-clinical aspects of
the Person's care and treatment program. He will maintain complete, accurate and well- organized records of the non-clinical aspects of the care and treatment program, and he will ensure that the caregiver staff maintain complete, accurate and organized records of the clinical aspects of the program in accordance with recognized Western standards. The HSA will participate with the Family and other appropriate individuals in the on-going monitoring and continuing assessment, review and evaluation of the Person's care and treatment program, and he will offer recommendations on the selection and employment of local staff and/or outside resources. He will serve as the Family's representative in making and coordinating arrangements with healthcare and service providers in Saudi Arabia and abroad. On behalf of the Family and in consultation with them, the HSA will maintain effective, ongoing communications with current and prospective outside resources who participate in various aspects of the Person's care and treatment.

Specific Duties
To elaborate on the general role and responsibility of the HSA as described above, the
following list provides an indicative, but not exhaustive list of specific duties the HSA will be expected to perform to the highest professional Western standards:
• Liaise with the Family and appropriate members of the caregiver team to understand all aspects, objectives and expectations of the care and treatment program, and provide advice, recommendations and guidance, as indicated.

• Serve as the first point of contact for outside resources, providers, institutions, organizations and other parties involved with the Person's care and treatment program.

• Establish, implement and maintain effective administrative, organizational and management systems, practices, policies and procedures to ensure the high-quality, efficient, cost-effective care and treatment.

• Identify, establish and maintain effective communication/coordination links with appropriate practitioners, centers, institutions, other providers and professional bodies, both locally and abroad, for the purpose of ensuring program effectiveness and oversight; maintain complete, accurate records of the contact details for all resources.

• Develop, organize and maintain a comprehensive data base of ASD resources to include individual practitioners, specialty centers and institutions with details on capabilities, expertise, program characteristics, areas of specialization, fee structures and other related information.

• Organize, arrange and coordinate any specialty care and/or treatment based on specifications provided by the Family and/or the caregiver team.

• Collect, unify, organize and store electronically the past, current and future records, documentation and other relevant information related to the Person's care and treatment program, whether provided locally or abroad.

• Ensure that any data collection system implemented to monitor program effectiveness is being applied, executed and maintained properly.

• Collect, unify, organize and store electronically relevant personnel information for each member of the local caregiver team.

• Make effective arrangements for managing urgent and emergency situations, which should take into account current practices, awareness and utilization of private nursing staff, and staff holidays and absences due to unforeseen circumstances.

• Serve as the Family's representative in making arrangements with healthcare and service providers in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

• Stay abreast of research, program innovations and other developments in the field, and keep the Family apprised of such news, events and promising work.

• Assist with the planning, coordination, negotiation and logistic arrangements for consultation sessions, treatment appointments and other related activities, both locally and abroad, and attend with Family members such activities, as requested.

• Arrange, coordinate, negotiate and facilitate visits to KSA by program specialists and other resources as required, and maintain complete and accurate records of such visits.

• Participate in screening, hiring and general supervision of caregiver team members, develop and implement policies and procedures, and help ensure efficient, cost- effective, high-quality care and treatment.

• Review billing statements from healthcare and other service providers for completeness and accuracy, resolve any discrepancies with the appropriate parties and maintain accurate records for such transactions.

• Oversee fiscal operations, including general accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services, and coordinating financial reporting of the care and treatment program; and obtain best possible financial offers and ensure that the medical institutions or individuals dealing with the case do not take advantage of it.

• Coordinate, monitor and control purchasing of equipment, services and supplies.

• Attend meetings, write reports and keep the Family appraised on matters related to the care and treatment program.

Education, Experience and Other Requirements
• A Bachelor's degree in healthcare, business administration or related area is required.
A Masters degree in healthcare, business administration or related area is highly desirable.

• At least 10 years experience progressive experience in related area is required.

• Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, administer and coordinate programs of moderate to high complexity, demanding standards of excellence and precise scheduling.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; ability to work effectively with diverse groups.

• Ability and willingness to work on a flexible schedule and to be available on an on-call basis, as and when required.

• Sufficient computer skills to utilize computerized systems and records as described above. These records must be set up in such a way to facilitate access when traveling, to maintain secure back-up, and to assure the highest level of confidentiality (including passwords and encryption, as appropriate).

• Demonstrated ability to maintain the highest possible level of confidentiality with regard to the conditions and records of the person(s) with whom he will be dealing, including willingness to enter into permanent confidentiality agreements that outlive the term of the employment.

• The Candidate’s family situation must be such that he can travel away from Saudi Arabia when required, sometimes for extended periods and on short notice. This might suggest single status, but it does not rule out married status provided that the candidate and family understand the requirements and possibilities.

special educational