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Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement services primarily in the area


Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement


Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement

Information Technology

Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement


Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement


Jordanian Job Opportunities provides placement


About Us

Khuloud Qaisi founded Jordanian Job Opportunities L.L.C in Jordan since 1998. Jordanian Job Opportunities L.L.C is limited company in Jordan licensed by the Ministry of Labor to seek job opportunities for Jordanian professionals locally or abroad.
She is widely credited for successfully placing job seekers in challenging work opportunities throughout the Middle East and GCC Region. Our purpose is to improve the lives of the job seekers, clients and stakeholders that we are engaged with.
Our focus is on promoting Jordanians with experience primarily in the professional categories such as education professional, doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, administrators, engineers and retired army officers.
When it comes to finding top-notch talent for your organization, it is imperative that your recruiting partner has the tools and ability to; identify, source, engage and qualify the right candidates in the local market. We have the people, experience and tools to deliver such solutions.
Our recruiting process includes an established candidate database, a strong local network of resources, a highly-effective direct recruitment process, a robust advertising campaign and a rigorous candidate-selection process. This allows us to develop and cultivate a deep rooted network of local professionals in our areas of specialization
Jordanian Job Opportunities Co. is certified from Saudi ministry of health, Saudi Red crescent, Saudi Arabian National Guard and several hospitals in the private sectors in GCC. Region.

Our Mission

- We always care in providing the best professional cadre within a record time using latest and developed methods of research and headhunting.
- We are experts in the method of directing the experiences and qualifications correctly.

Our vision

We seek to develop and keep up with everything new in field of recruitments and headhunting. We always try to become on top of the recruitment companies, which provide the best experience they have in this field.

Thank & best regards
Khuloud AL Qaisi


Building Your Career. Building Relationships.

Jordanian Job Opportunities puts people to work in all types of jobs. When you work with us, you build a relationship with a team of employment professionals in your community who have, in turn, built personal relationships with the businesses that are hiring. Take the first step toward your success. Connect now with Jordanian Job Opportunities.


The Staff You Need, When You Need Them

At Jordanian Job Opportunities, our team will take the time to understand your business needs. We can connect you with screened and qualified workers in a wide range of Administrative, Medical, Hospitality, Engineering, IT and Education.
Whether you need to add staff for a short-term project or are looking for a full-time employee, Jordan Job Opportunities can customize workforce solutions for your specific business needs. All employees are screened and evaluated to help assess their skills, abilities and culture fit before we send them to you.

Elite Clients

Elite Clients

Jordanian Job Opportunities has worked in high efficency way which put it in high rank and place among the high employment and human resources companies over the past nine years, and we have gained our customers confidence through this services thats provided efficiently and with accuracy



Let's talk

Address: Jordan-Gardens str
Naser Center-Building No 85-3rd floor

Phone(1): +962 (6) 5650065

Phone(2): +962 (6) 5537008

Mobile: +962 (77) 7774007

Email: Info@jobjor.com